Hany Kayal

Beirut, Lebanon

 I can't recall the first time I started drawing , but it was always something I'm fond of, my art is dark and often takes a realistic approach, I like to use things related to darker themes like ravens or skulls, most of the time I try to keep the composition of my artwork simple by using basic geometrical shapes and simple lines in contrast with the more realistic approach in which I draw the main object in the artwork.
I'm self taught, and only use black and white in my drawing, it's what I'm most comfortable with and interested in.  I believe more artwork should be included in what we see in the daily life and that includes clothing . 
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Fagerstrom Art


Hi, and thanks for checking my art out!

I’m Jakob, a Swedish guy who likes to create, whatever it might be. I’ve been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember, and in more recent years I’ve developed a bigger taste for creating my work digitally as well. I’m going to keep creating stuff for as long as I live so why not share it with others in the meantime?
Even though color can add more to a painting, I use it very scarcely. Working in greyscale makes me visualize my work better. I’ve always been a sucker for using ink. You can often find me in some arts and crafts-shop buying new pieces, even though I probably already have enough.  

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Ruu Allain

Niigata, Japan

I am a concept artist and character designer for a world book and novel I am in the (very long) process of working on right now in my free time (when I have it). I started the project in the summer of 2019, and hope to one day turn it into a video game. I’m doing freelance work on the side and currently taking commissions. Besides my art and writing, I am an American university student currently studying in Niigata, Japan.

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I’m a Colombian 3D artist living in a somewhat small town. I’ve always wanted to be an artist at a young age but because I was mocked for not knowing how to draw when I was small I never pursued it. Even so, there was still this itch to create within me. I used to look up software to create characters and so I began teaching myself. There was a lot of trial and error. I began posting on DeviantArt but I felt like I was too focused on numbers and  I made artwork for that, the numbers. I got tired of that and deleted my account and started working on things that I loved doing. Pouring my love onto them, criticizing and improving myself, that’s where the art journey got fun. Because I like 2D digital art I started to implement elements of it on my pieces to give them my own flavor. I’ve also began learning how to draw so I might add even more 2D elements to my work on the future

Even if it doesn’t reflect on my style my biggest inspirations are artist Annie Stegg Gerard and the art of the Dragon Age series of games. My friends have been also a huge source of inspiration and I’m grateful for that.

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Ahmad Alshawa

Damascus, Syria

Hi ! , my name is Ahmad and i'm a self-taught artist who work in Characters Design trying to be creative in the industry field i found inspiration from other artists that make me challenge myself to give the best result that i can with joy while doing the thing that i love ! 

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Simon Alsheikh

Damascus, Syria

Syrian artist
hope you like my artworks
inspired by a type of art called graphic art that use old printing methods

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3eed children of bodoom.jpg

Eed Abdalla

Damascus, Syria

When I was young in the ninth grade in 2008 I used to draw skulls i started learning graffiti 

I went through many stages of development in street art and graffiti i developed it to a higher level and then learned to combine machines

 with graffiti in 2011 as I imagined and invented my own worlds ,in the year 2012 I learned about two programs, Photoshop and Altertriter

after a while I took the baccalaureate 2014

I entered the graphic and printmaker department in the faculty of fine arts , i learned how to design and print,i graduated in 2019


I am still a graffiti artist,character designer, designer of sweaters to this day!

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Delaney Johnson

Missouri, USA

I just started college this year, I started exploring art by the very first time I could hold a pencil. I was inspired by the concept of being able to create whatever you wanted on a piece of paper. I get my inspiration now from anime and a little bit of guro. I am self taught and I plan to keep exploring different ways that I can improve my art. 

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