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Our Story

This site came to life as the result of two friends day dreaming about being able to take a few pieces of art home as they walked through a gallery. Like so many millennials we love art but we really can't afford to spend several hundred dollars on a single piece and even if we could it would be a challenge to find a space to hang it in our tiny apartments.


As we continued to talk about this we realized this might be a bigger issue than just us, so we started talking to artists and enthusiasts to get their thoughts. We learned that on average it takes an artist between 3 and 5 years to sell a single piece of art and as a result they often work multiple jobs to support themselves while they build their reputation. We also found that a lot of enthusiasts wish there were more options to support the artists they love other than purchasing an 8x10 print that requires wall space. They wish there was a way to choose how they incorporate the art into their life. 

We sat down with a few artists and presented our ideas and discovered they often wished they could offer merchandise like t-shirts but investing in and managing inventory is expensive and time consuming taking them away from their passion. 

We realize there is a need and we want to a part of creating the solution. We want to have real values that mean something to the community of artists that decide to participate and enthusiasts that decide to purchase. We want to build a community that truly helps to support artists by bringing their collective fans together providing them all more exposure. We want to make sure we are transparent and pricing is always broken down so enthusiasts know just how much the artist takes home each time they make a purchase and the largest percent of the purchase goes to the artist. If an enthusiast wants to purchase a print or the original the artists always gets 100% of the purchase. We want to make sure we strive to support local economies by using merchandise made in America when possible.  It very important to us that we are inclusive by offering merchandise that is non-gendered so no one feels overlooked.

Through these collaborative conversations Canvas Collective was born!

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